The Colorlab Archives Division is a standard def and high definition telecine facility servicing producers requiring film-to-tape transfers of the huge film archives holdings of the various government and private film archives in the Washington, DC area.

It is also a full-service Film Preservation laboratory. Colorlab has three telecine suites running two shifts each day to guarantee swift, highly expert order fulfillment for producers from around the world who need quality film-to-tape video masters. We bring to this thirty-eight years of offering comprehensive laboratory services -- 16mm, super 16, and 35mm color and black and white negative original and intermediate timing, processing, and wet-gate contact and optical printing; small-gauge services, including broadcast-quality transfers from 8mm, super 8, 9.5mm, 17.5mm, and 28mm; and full Film Preservation services in all formats. That means high quality liquid gate fully timed and color-corrected optical blow-ups from 8mm, 28mm, and super 8, to 16mm, super 16, and 35mm.

Colorlab offers tape-to-tape restoration, specializing in 3/4", 1", and 2" Quad, time-base corrected mastering to Digital Betacam in NTSC and PAL.

All our Film and Tape Preservation work is performed on an as needed basis, which means very affordable Preservation work. Our fundamental business approach is to get as much film and tape preserved at the highest quality possible. For instance, when doing Film Preservation, if the original film’s shrinkage is not extreme, we’ll perform the mastering using contact liquid gate technology and not optical printing technology. The cost savings can result in much more film being able to be preserved. We are dedicated to getting as much of clients' archival holdings in front of the public’s eyes by not performing unnecessary Film Preservation steps.

General inquiries about home movie transfer, costs estimates for work to be funded by the National Film Preservation Foundation, and the transfer and preservation of material from private collections should be directed to our regular customer service staff: Jake Kreeger, Kevin Fallis, and Dean Plionis (tel: 301-770-2128/fax: 301-816-0798/email:   

Queries about transfer of material from the U.S. National Archives, the various Presidential libraries, University of Maryland Archives, or the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum should be directed to Rebecca Reynolds in the Archival Film Services Department (tel: 301-770-7281/fax: 301-770-7284/ email:

If you are planning to order material from National Archives for the first time, we suggest that you review our FAQ list.

Eastman and Edison

The Colorlab Archives Division is located in the Washington D.C. Maryland suburbs, a 40-minute subway ride away from the Library of Congress on the Red Line and 25 minutes away from the National Archives at College Park on the Beltway (495).

Archival Film Services Division
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